The Harvard OpenBio team is dedicated to empowering our peers to create a positive impact on the world using biology.
We come from a variety of research backgrounds and bring a wide range of experiences to the table, united by our belief in the power of biology to create positive change. We believe that diversity is essential for driving progress and innovation, and we are committed to supporting the growth and development of our team members.
OpenBio Board

Benjamin Chang


Benjamin is a junior at Harvard studying Chemical and Physical Biology and Computer Science. He is interested in developing gene circuits for therapeutics and using machine learning for biology to help people and the planet. Outside of lab, you can find him racing the M2 bus on his skateboard, sleeping in the observatory, or thinking about giant pumpkins.

Izzy Goodchild-Michelman


Izzy is a junior at Harvard studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. Her research interests include synthetic biology, microbial communities, and sustainable technologies. She currently works in the Church lab designing cyanobacteria-based photosynthetic biomaterials. Outside of lab Izzy enjoys reading, buying way too many plants, and hunting for tardigrades.

Audrey Gunawan

Director of Engagement

Audrey is a sophomore at Harvard studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Government. She currently studies drug repurposing for various retinal diseases in the Kim Lab at Mass Eye and Ear. Outside of the lab, Audrey enjoys exploring coffee shops, watching Formula 1, and dancing in the Asian American Dance Troupe.

Rohil Dhaliwal

Director of Laboratory

Rohil is a sophomore at Harvard studying Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry and Physics. He most recently worked at Visterra, an antibody-based therapeutics company, where he worked on predicting immunogenicity of antibodies and T-cell epitope binding for MHC Class I and II molecules. His interests lie in drug discovery and design, as well as entrepreneurship. Outside of the lab, Rohil fearlessly leads Harvard's powerlifting team and enjoys playing tennis and chess.

Hugh Hankenson

Director of Laboratory

Hugh Is a first year at Harvard planning to study both Biomedical Engineering and Anthropology. He currently works in the Mooney Lab for Cell and Tissue Engineering, conducting research on interactions between T cells and biomaterials to facilitate enhanced immune responses. His other research interests include nucleic acid therapeutics and tissue engineering. Outside of lab, Hugh enjoys reading, playing chess, and exploring Boston by bike.

Ayush Noori

Director of Finance

Ayush Noori is a sophomore in Adams House studying Neuroscience and Computer Science. Working in labs across the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Wyss Institute, Ayush seeks to further the effort to ameliorate the global burden of human neurological disease. Beyond research, Ayush enjoys bird watching and meditation, and is an avid consumer of mangoes.

Ani Srinivasan

Director of Business

Ani is a Junior in Adams House studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and Economics. He most recently worked at Twin Health on AI-powered precision treatment of metabolic disease and is currently designing computationally-aided protein engineering pipelines at the Murray Lab. Ani has a passion for utilizing biotechnology to develop real, translational solutions to real-world problems. Outside the lab, you can probably find him playing pool across campus, making new playlists on Spotify, or finishing his 7th glass of (lactose-free!) milk of the day.

Engagement Team Members

Adie Selassie
Alexia Vo
Sean Meng

Finance Team Members

Ani Srinivasan
Zijian (Carl) Ma